Weekly New Cases in Taiwan

A simple visualization showing weekly new cases in each county in Taiwan. Square map for geographical reference. Tools: Vue, D3.

COVID-19 adjusted map

Adjust state size according to how many cases are there in each state. transform-box and transform-origin are used to create the shrinking effect. First Observable notebook!

Coronavirus global tracker

Maps and charts for latest numbers of coronavirus outbreak. Simple backend is implemented with Google Apps Script and Node. Tools: D3.js.

Know your legislators by the numbers

An interactive that lets you find out who are Taiwan's new legislators. Tools: Scrollama.js, D3.js.

Housing Age Map of Taipei V2

An upgraded version of the Taipei housing age map using Vue.js and Turf.js.

Taiwan Pop Characteristics 2019

A simple map application built with Vue and Mapbox GL JS providing details of demography in Taiwan.

A Lens to Taipei in 1957

Use QGIS-processed satellite image and historical aerial image to display changes of Taipei streets.

2016 Taiwan election dot map

Built a dot map to show the result of 2016 Taiwan presidential election. QGIS for map tiles and Mapbox GL JS for tooltip/navigation.

Taiwan population density map

Used Mapbox GL JS to build an interactive map showing population density in Taiwan in three levels of administrative division.

Taiwan family name map

Goverment data on geographical distribution of major family names in Taiwan was used to draw this interactive map. D3js and R were used.

2018 Taiwan election map

I built interactive maps to show the voting results of nearly 8,000 villages and boroughs in Taiwan. D3js, QGIS and R were used.

Taipei housing age map

I wrote a crawler to scrape construction permit data and geocoded the address. The interactive map was built with d3js and canvas.

Pirate activitiy interactive map

Use d3js and canvas to build an interactive map. You can click on the arrows and dots to control the narrative.

One's borough's metro station

Use map to find out why MRT station "Xiaobitan"'s passenger volume is so low , utilizing voronoi diagram and Google map

Shezi's land price

Use government land actual selling price data to find out how land price of Shezi, one of the last regions of Taipei as-yet-unexploited, rise and fall

Sortable house price

Use D3 to chart historical house price of Taiwan's 22 counties in the past 4 years

Housing: Hong Kong vs Taipei

Use HK and TP housing data to compare housing condition of two regions

HK house age map

Use Carto and HK goverment housing data to map all HK building age

World Currency exchange rate chart

Use world's main currency historical price data to analyze the winner and losers of currency market

Taiwan county elder ratio

Use government data and D3 to draw Taiwan elder ratio map with autoplay feature